Will the talks be recorded?

NeurIPS is providing all workshops with the ability to record talks. We will record all talks unless a speaker requests otherwise.

Can I get the presenters' slides?

Yes, we will host them on the website.

Will there be a formal proceedings?

No, this workshop will not create a formal proceedings. We will, however, collect and host the abstracts, posters, and arXiv links to all accepted submsisions.

As a non-primary author, will I be able to get a reserved ticket to attend the workshop?

Since we have a very limited amount of assigned reserved tickets, we are currently protecting the existent pool for primary authors, speakers, and panelists. After October 23rd, we will be given any available additional tickets by the NeurIPS workshop chairs. Based on that allocation, we will be able to assign additional reserved tickets to non-primary authors.

What size should I make my poster?

There are no poster boards at workshops. Posters are taped to the wall.  Posters should be on light weight paper, not laminated.  NeurIPS will provide the tape. Please make your posters no larger than 36W x 48H inches or 90 x 122 cm.  That is portrait mode.